After you come back from the Mole Caves, after the main quest Mole Queen, and after you have rejoined with Innocence in the Mess, go back to Camp: Crater Zone. You should have previously heard on the speakers about a mutant hitting a guard that everyone is looking for.

In the Crater Zone, it is a good idea to pick up Part 2 of Handyman’s Assistant, and pick up part 5 of this before continuing. In the vegetable garden opposite the Recruitment Office you’ll encounter some prisoners harassing a mutant. You will automatically interrupt them and be given a choice of dialogue. Choose only #2 “You sure it’s a good idea?”. Any other choice will void this side quest and #3 is defaulted and appears similar, so be careful.

The three men will scurry off, but one Prowess will wait behind, just left around a corner, in from of the tent and three men. Speak to Prowess to start this side quest.

Prowess wants you to loot a shipment to Joe (by the mine entrance) while he keeps Joe occupied. Just follow the conversation until you have several boxes in front of you, and open and loot them as quickly as you can. Open everything as you have plenty of time and you will get a ton of resources and other good stuff in addition to the bomb plans Prowess needs. The next part is to gather 3 sets of components to make the explosives. They are all located close by:

Part 1/3: Head into the Dog Master’s area again. It’s inside his shack, in a box.

Part 2/3: Inside the Recruitment Office, in a box to your left.

Part 3/3: Inside the tent behind Prowess, in a box.

Return to Prowess for Serum, a grenade and a trap. Prowess also becomes a merchant.