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First steps in prison

 This is the first mission in the game, and it takes place in Camp 19. The opening cut scene introduces us to the protagonist Roy Temperance,  co-protagonist Innocence as well as Fatso and crew in a Don't drop the soap  kind of moment held in the common showers, called the Sand Pits.

And you thought unexpected cold showers were bad enough....

Once you gain control of Roy, you'll find Doc in the sand pits (near the back wall, come back and talk to him after your first encounters with the dogs) and in the hallway outside, you'll come across The Mechanic (side quest available I would personally suggest you pick it up now as it can be completed whilst going through First Steps In Prison). There are a few junk piles you can search in here for crafting items.

Outside of the Sand Pits, you'll once again run into Fatso and and his gang. Fatso obviously has a hate on for the strong silent type as a fight between him, his crew and Roy (to a lesser degree Innocence as well) ensues. This fairly easy fight will get you used to the various fighting mechanics, giving you a chance to get used to varying up your attacks, blocks and dodges. Now let's instroduce Fatso's teeth to the back of his cranium.

After you thoroughly kick the beejesus out of Fatso, you suggest to Innocence on finding a quiet spot to talk in the Mess Hall Area. Before heading there, explore the area and surroundings as there are many junk piles and boxes you can search for items including the ones needed for the Mechanic.

If you do go exploring the vicinities, you'll be introduced to Bob and combat versus the dogs. Use your dodges liberally; you can usually get two or three hits in per dodge against the dogs. You only want to hit them from behind. You can also talk with and get high praise from various guards and fellow prisoners for the beat-down you gave Fatso.

Once in the Mess Hall Area, you'll find a quiet spot to talk with Innocence. This conversation will detail Roy's plan on escaping Camp 19 by signing up for extra duties at the Recruitment Office.  You can also meet Jay who'll provide you with various tidbits of information as well as find a few searchable boxes and junk piles.

To get to the Recruitment Office, head to the Crater area.


  • Leave the Sand Pits
  • Neutralize Fatso and his gang
  • Go to the Mess Hall Area