Honour Grant

Honour Grant

Chief of the armies of Aurora, Honour Grant took part in the ferocious battle of Green Hope alongside Wisdom Phillips, with whom he became friends. If Honour initially admired the Dowser for his extraordinary strategic abilities and his innate ability to attract followers, he was alarmed when Wisdom seized power, clearly favoured the Technomancers and renounced the people. Since then, Honour has been doing his utmost to oppose the authority of the Technomancers, using his privileged position as a folk hero and his friendship with the Dowser. Up to now, this is the only thing that has stopped the Technomancers from getting rid of him.


If Roy joins the ResistanceEdit

After Honour kills Dowser Wisdom, Roy is given the option to kill or arrest Honour.

If Roy joins Honour GrantEdit

He takes over Aurora.