Quests in Mars: War Logs are divided into two types: Quests and Side Quests. Main Quests follow the story, are always available and are required to progress. Side Quests are entirely optional and not always available to the player based on previous actions.

Story Quests required to progress the game are divided into three Chapters.

Chapter 1Edit

First steps in prison

The mole queen

A diversion

Weapons for the battle

Water for the trip

The great escape

Chapter 2Edit

Back home: go to Innocence Smith's family home

An old friend: go to Charity's bar in the Sand

An out-of-the-way place: clear the junkies out of your hideout

Find Faith: help Charity find her friend

Meeting the Resistance: Charity has info about getting in touch with the Resistance

A strange explosion: Mary

Meeting with the General: Meet General Honour Grant

A bit of perspective: Deal with the bounty hunter Tenacity Williams

Find Innocence: intervene in the attack on the prisoner train

Choose a side:Resistance or Honour Grant

Chapter 3 with Honour GrantEdit

Strength and Honour: go with Devotion to Honour's camp in the industrial complex