Talk to Bob after the dog attack – marked on the map. When you first arrive in his area and approach Bob, a dog will attack and start the Mean Dogs side quest, but leave that for now. You will get The Blues side quest by pointing out that Bob doesn't look too good. He will not elaborate further now, but you will get the side quest in your log which says “Persuade Bob to speak”.

Head to the Mess and talk to Jey about the guards. Jey will mention that Bob is one of the good guys. You can also talk to Jey again, and to Doc in the sand showers, for more background, but it isn't 

required to get Bob to talk. Back to Bob. Continue down this dialogue playing a nice guy, and you will eventually get 3 pieces of information about Bob and why he’s got the blues, completing the side quest. 

This opens the possibility for Bob to join your Escape Plan, so get him to come along. He wants to go home to his wife, and is very bored of being a guard.

When Bob finally starts to talk there is no stopping him, and you can easily finish The Blues, start Escape Together (below) and convince Bob to join in one segment of dialogue. This is OK, and one ‘right’ way to do this, do not worry. Check out of Escape Together for additional info.

or you can goto Doc who'll refuse then Solidarity(the vet cook) and ask for poison. you may need to wait awile between them. enemies reset in the cistern KOing everything there seems to do it. Solidarity charges 5 serum for the work but you have to harvest 3 of those glowing mushrooms you've been seeing

choose all of it and he dies

half and he can't be sent home cause hes too sick to move the recruitment officer will question you if any prisoners got sick

just a bit gets him home to his wife Jey will give you the news if you ask